Unsatisfaction Acceptance

Tatiana Barco Forero

Tatiana Barco Forero

May 16, 2022

1 min read.

Why I am full of doubts and questions that make me feel hopeless when I read some new digital product coming out? Recently, the news of a new digital platform from a famous Colombian football team prepared to be launched this year made me feel so lack confidence and expectation that at the end of the reading made me worried. It happens to you too?

When I read the news, the next thing I did was to search for other global platforms of football teams, they aren’t bad. They talk to their community, motivate the user to navigate and interact, and seems videos, news, stories, and behind-the-scenes footage is the most valuable content and features they have. It's okay! If the fans want that type of experience, the platforms are successful. Then why do I still have the same feeling?

Then after using some poor and horrible digital platforms for a process I needed to do, I realized that even though this is the digital transformation era, the low quality, and uncentered user design are the popular characteristics of digital solutions. We decided to accept it. There is no other way in the digital ecosystem to do what I need to do, so we automatically lower our expectations and accept dissatisfaction.

This behavior became normal but it shouldn`t! User-centered design, strategy, and personalized communication need to be present and expected in all of the products, not only digital. This is the heart of any creation, the reason users and clients will return. Having the best quality in the relationship between operation and digital channels, the functions that communicate quickly the solution for the need, the unique, relevant, sustainable aspects that make interactions trigger loyalty, and many bullets more.

I hope these new Colombian platform results are created for the fans, not just an informatic page. There are a lot of activities, new experiences, and new business opportunities that can be generated by developing a good digital product. If not, we will still have the same feeling, make the same questions and be comfortable with a basic solution.

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Tatiana Barco Forero

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