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Senior Web Designer

Diverse platforms on the internet changed many daily processes. Sadly, the user experience fails on many of these sites and doesn't help the users to accomplish what they need.

Axiacore is at the forefront of the digital space, crafting unique and innovative web experiences for our diverse clientele. We are driven by design excellence and are on a quest to find the perfect blend between aesthetics, functionality, and user experience. If you have an eye for design, a passion for creating intuitive user interfaces, and a flair for innovation, we would love to meet you!

Long ago, we decided to think differently and add real value to people. This brings us significant design challenges, and we must provide interfaces that communicate so much more than colors. Our design can be seen, felt, and smells like unboxing something new.

We are looking for a Senior Web Designer with a profound understanding of web aesthetics, a keen eye for detail, and a deep passion for delivering user-centric design solutions. The ideal candidate will have a strong foundation in UX principles and be capable of bringing innovative ideas to life through research and high-fidelity wireframes.

We have a fantastic team and have a lot of work to turn from ideas to visual interfaces.


  • Lead and manage web design projects, ensuring timely delivery and top-notch quality.
  • Create high-fidelity wireframes, prototypes, and design solutions based on user-centric principles.
  • Conduct research (reading papers) to stay ahead of web design trends and continuously innovate our design approach.
  • Collaborate with developers, product managers, and other stakeholders to transform visions into compelling web experiences.
  • Present design solutions to stakeholders, explaining your design choices and gathering feedback for iterative improvement.
  • Illustrate to give a unique touch. (This is a mega plus)


  • A minimum of 5 years of professional web design experience.
  • At least 3 years of experience managing web design projects.
  • Proficient in Figma.
  • Illustrator and Photoshop as complements for design.
  • A strong portfolio showcasing your best web designs and high-fidelity wireframes.
  • A deep understanding of UX principles and a proven track record of designing intuitive user interfaces.
  • Exceptional communication skills and the ability to articulate design choices effectively.
  • Passion for innovation and a commitment to staying updated with the latest design trends and tools.
  • Knowledge of usability heuristics (UX).
  • Fast learner.
  • Regular reader.

Our purpose

  • To build people's freedom to thrive anywhere.

Our values

  • Act with intention.
  • Deliver precision everywhere.
  • Improve every day.

Our benefits

  • Belong to a team: This is a group of intelligent, hardworking people from whom you'll learn a ton.
  • Remote Work: We are a fully remote company. You can work from any location that is suitable for your productivity.
  • Fair Pay: You will receive fair compensation in USD according to your responsibilities.

Not for you if

  • Money is your top priority.
  • Need constant direction.
  • Get easily offended.

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