5 steps to improve your products and services

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María Lucía Villegas


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When creating new services for our clients, we tend to identify one need and build a service that solves that challenge. It works with the first client and the second one, and so on. However, at some point, we see ourselves forced to modifiy it, or create different variations of that service.

It’s only natural that as we gain more experience, we notice different new needs and have to adjust those services, as our clients also evolve through time with us. We came up with five steps into finding those new need to create new services or modify existing ones:

  1. Make a list of all the goals and objectives of your past clients and cluster them: This will help you find which is the main differentiation points and solutions you are already providing with real data.
  2. Identify your new clients’ concerns when you are presenting a new proposal: In case you’re not taking into consideration potential new clients, this gives you perspective on what the market is asking for currently.
  3. Listen to their questions during the project and write them down: By doing this, you’ll know which parts of the process need to be improved and clarified.
  4. Define those needs, questions and challenges that you’re already solving with your products and services and those you aren’t: When we do this we are able to cover the unsolved problems, instead of created brand new services, we only improve those parts that need improvement, and the rest can remain untouched.
  5. Come up with ideas to solve the new challenges and re-design your products and services or create new ones: We can do this through ideation sessions and research to learn new strategies, methodologies, exercises and tasks that we can start pivoting and testing to understand which ones work and which don’t.

After doing this, you’ll have a modified portfolio that serves best your current and potential clients, that don't necessarily imply creating brand new services and products.

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