Building MVPs in Lean Design Model

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As we have been introducing our concept of MVPs and the importance of assuring you are giving an attractive and complete solution to a specific problem of your user, using the Lean Design Model has turned out to be the best method to throw your ideas into the market.

For us, it's not enough to organize your Lean Canvas and launch your first MVP to be tested by your users. We present another concept that gives you more feedback on the entire ecosystem you are building in your MVP: Intervention Design.

As true believers of Tim Brown, we learn this new concept. The theory not only speaks about testing your prototype with your users but with all the stakeholders. This way, every part of the ecosystem you are building is analyzed with all the users that will interact with your solution.

In past articles, we have talked about the Go To Market Strategy based on Product Led Growth strategy. This concept implies the solutions creation, maybe a product or service, that iterates quickly by learning how the final user uses the MVP, making user journey interaction changes but not affecting the value proposition.

The recollection of constant feedback gives the structure of having the best experience of the product/service, developing more attachment from users, and turning them in the principal marketing channel as they start recommending by their own media the product/service.

Now, let's integrate the Intervention Design concept into this Go to Market Strategy, with one of the big trends of 2021, designing all the digital experience, not only focusing on the UX/UI, but also designing the CX, customer experience, and the EX, employer experience.

For giving the best experience in the solution, we should be able to create products and services that can optimize, benefit and enhance the satisfaction of all the people that interact with the solution, not only the users.

Imagine you are creating a Saas solution, of course, the value proposition has to fulfill a specific need of a context or user you had studied well. Having a business where all the communications, transactions, and interactions are digital, not only your user (that you are building the solution for), will qualify the experience.

The Intervention Design gives you the opportunity to iterate the processes in a very detailed way, thinking in a more accurate way to accomplish the execution of the value proposition for all the stakeholders that are involved in doing it.

Normally, this is how some health care studies run every time they are investigating new processes, techniques, and products. They include in the study a group of people that will interact with the solution they are presenting, and with the feedback, they iterate and validate some of their hypotheses. This sounds like a basic modus operandi of how a new product/service should be developed. But we should pay more attention to strategies and methodologies that the market is using. Doing would mean to be steps ahead of the guarantee of the one solution successfully.

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