Green technology: startup edition

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Green technologies are defined as any tech development that focuses on helping to sustain the environment for future generations. As of today, companies are aligning their goals to guarantee a better future for the environment with green policies. Naturally, those efforts are projected in new business models, product innovations or process restructuration. This is why the startup market is putting the fight against climate change as one of its top priorities.

As we mentioned in our last trends videos, this year green technologies will keep being a trend in the tech world. There are many ways this market is evolving, and one of those is making green tech accessible to anyone. Larry Fink, president of BlackRock talking about sustainability and capitalism, mentions sustainability investments in emerging markets alone should surpass a trillion dollars by 2025.

Europe, for example, is a growing market for these kinds of technologies, from accountants to renewable energy, startups are increasing their funding more and more. Here are three startups that focus on environmentally friendly solutions:

  1. Normative: A startup that provides carbon accounting solutions to companies to achieve net zero emissions. Users import transactional data from Excel, or connect accounting or ERP systems to Normative, the software calculates their carbon footprint and reveals the emissions hotspots to recommend high-impact reductions.

  1. Zolar: Taking part in the increasing proptech industry, Zolar gives accessibility to alternative electricity through a platform that takes the user through every step from planning to installation of PV systems.

  1. Cervest: an AI-powered climate intelligence platform for companies interested in identifying future climate change-related impacts to create future proofed climate strategies for their policies, processes, and clients.

But like these three, there are many other businesses around the world that are taking advantage of different technologies, trends, and behavioral changes to push their agenda into green technologies. Expect to see more of this applied tech in the near future, as this trend only grows bigger and bigger.

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