How AI is changing digital experiences

María Lucía Villegas

María Lucía Villegas


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After years of waiting, we’ve finally reached a point where AI is accessible to the end user in ways they can interact with it, we’ve seen AI companies such as Open AI, put their efforts into providing solutions to the end user like Chat GPT or Dall E. The first one can interact with the user in a conversational way and the second can generate images from a description.

As these two software, amongst others, become viral on social media, digital users become more familiar with these new technologies, which encourages companies to start using them more in their user journeys. According to Salesforce Research Survey, 51% of companies are now choosing AI to improve and hyper-personalize the customer experience.

The possibilities for AI solutions have proved to be infinite with recent developments that help understand and keep up with customers’ needs, including analyzing their behaviors and predicting future outcomes while companies look to hyper-personalize digital experiences which leads to increased customer loyalty and acquisition.

But that’s just the roots of what artificial intelligence can do for companies, as it has taken a huge part in customer service with chatbots’ increasing efficiency and real-time data processing. We have yet to see what AI and machine learning have in store for us as it’s presumably only shifting from early adoption to early majority, following the Life Cycle of Technology Adoption.

Although I dare to say that AI will disrupt these technology life cycle theories as it’s something that has the ability to change through time and adapt to what users need and want. And let’s not forget that in the same way that technology must adapt to users’ needs, it also drives those behavioral changes that technology must adapt to.

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