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Technology since its beginning was thought to create new tools and make people's lives easier. However, over the years, and with its development, the dynamics between brands and consumers have been benefited. This situation we can see in the opportunity to create communities and generate trust from those who buy from us.

Today, one of the most important tools for brands is social media, originally designed to facilitate links between people. To date, they have evolved to a point where they have become new communication channels to promote products and brands.

Having a presence on social media is an important factor in increasing sales and gaining customers. However, today's consumers are demanding and critical with their purchasing choices, so it is not enough to use social media as a communication channel. It is also essential to offer customers an opportunity to interact with the brand and get to know it from its values and attributes.

A journey through brand communication

Traditional media, such as radio or television, allowed the distribution of messages on a massive scale. For big brands, they were the ultimate tool to launch campaigns to strengthen their presence in the minds of consumers, thus increasing the probability of purchase.

This change revolutionized the reach of brands and facilitated their entry into new markets. However, despite these attributes, barriers prevented brands from strengthening their relationship with the end consumer. On the one hand, the channels for receiving complaints were too limited, and on the other, the feedback process was slow.

It was not until the '80s, with the emergence of the Internet, and in the '90s, with the new digital technologies, that the world began to democratize communication, becoming now dynamic, customizable, and above all, virtualizable media.

Consecutively, the evolution of marketing in social media has evolved more in 10 years than in the last 1000 and has worked with brands to support each other in new developments launched to facilitate connections with customers.

Today, brands have various communication channels thanks to technology and can choose which one to use depending on their budget or target market.

Even when we think about communicating through social media, it is also essential to know who we are talking to define which networks allow better communication. Therefore, it is important to have defined brand characteristics such as tone and corporate values.

Humanization of brands

With the new presence of brands, social media has been redesigned and has become a new place we inhabit. Little by little, the rules of the game are being perfectioned, and brands are playing the role of influencers in these spaces.

By allowing the creation of brand profiles, social networks, which used to be exclusively for humans, are opening up to a new market, and we find brand profiles that have a voice, a tone, and a personality of their own. We see situations where they come to be mistaken for a real person.

This level of confidence, allows customers to get closer to the brand on an emotional and personal level; something that was not possible in traditional communication channels.

For example, Google defines itself as "the sage" and is currently the most used web search engine on the planet. This effort is not in vain; the company strives daily to reflect its brand values in each of it is communication channels, products, and services.

Google uses this personality trait on other digital media platforms to strengthen its users' perception that it is a technology brand. In their first tweet, they used binary code, and the impact it had would not have been the same if they had casually written: "I'm feeling lucky". This kind of detail in communication conveys the desired brand personality to active users and future Google customers.

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