What kind of web development do you need for your business: explanation and examples

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There are many ways to develop a website, platforms like WordPress or Wix with default templates and free or premium options are a good option when you need a flat web page; but when a business has within its needs, (whether for convenience, usability, or consumer behavior) to build a custom web platform, that is, with specific functionalities, characteristics, and developments, these web page builders fall short even in its paid versions.

This is the time when web development enters with specialized programs such as Python or Django, with a high-level programming language that focuses on readability and allows you to create modules that can be used in other projects. Websites such as Google, YouTube, among others, use these languages ​​and for developers they are easier to translate, reducing maintenance and development costs and allowing work between teams.

Identify what type of website platform you need:

Now, how to recognize if a simple site builder works for what your company needs or is better a development. Answer these questions:

My website needs to have some very specific steps or functionalities

Yes or no

In the company, we have a digital project and no page builder allows us to meet all the requirements.

Yes or no

My website must generate the best user experience.

Yes or no

My website should help us meet short- to medium-term sales goals.

Yes or no

It typically has a large bounce rate because users can't understand the process.

Yes or no

If you answered "yes" to 3 of the previous questions, you need a tailored digital platform that works and helps meet the company's objectives.

It is possible to carry out customized website platform projects in 12 weeks or less, from planning to understanding the objectives and needs, design, product coding, and even implementing risk control to guarantee the best operation once it is at online

Examples of custom-built web pages:

BodyTech: from the idea, a high-performance digital solution and a unique experience at the graphic level were built. With a flow of just 3 steps, users can register 100% digitally. Plus, all affiliates can easily manage their plans from anywhere and on any device.

Takami Pantry: The challenge consisted in building a digital platform with which thousands of users can market and acquire the ingredients that make the products unique and fascinating.

All the previous examples have aspects in common: need, objective, challenge, development, and return on that investment. More and more companies are aware that investing in their page or e-commerce is a construction of their future.

Look at a real example of development for a project called Axia Community by Axiacore, which aims to be a value proposition towards its clients and identify opportunities for improvement in the websites they have built, but with a plus, this time they will be the same users who make these changes:

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