5 reasons why you should invest in digital security

Johan Bernal N.

Johan Bernal N.


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Whether surfing the Internet, buying online, or selling digitally, today it is essential to have digital security tools to preserve the integrity of my data and the privacy of the same, to avoid future problems in the virtual world.

From a corporate level, today the digital era has forced companies to pay more attention to their most valuable asset: information. And if we talk about companies that develop projects, we must take into account that these must be supported with the most advanced security systems, to ensure not only the protection of their business data but also those of their customers and investors.

However, it is important to clarify that to have "advanced security systems" it is not necessary for a company to be a technology specialist, since the fact of investing in cybersecurity services guarantees its peace of mind and survival, as long as these solutions are of high quality and constantly optimized and strengthened. Obviously, this generates a regular budget, but in the long run, it will represent savings and will later be synonymous with profitability.

For this reason, it is vital that the members of an organization, including suppliers and customers, understand the importance of cybersecurity and constantly train themselves appropriately to meet the digital security challenges present today and surely those to come in the future.

Understanding the priority of digital security, Axiacore shares with you the reasons why you should invest in this aspect:

Not investing in cybersecurity programs generates losses of US$155,000 in companies!

This was stated by Claudio Martinelli, General Director for the region and the Caribbean at Kaspersky, who also brought up a report by his company, which determined that 50% of small and medium-sized Colombian companies "have difficulties to make investments that allow them to improve cybersecurity, even knowing its importance".

It saves organizations time and money:

This is because, in the face of a breach attempt or a cyber attack, the time it takes to solve this type of inconvenience is usually prolonged. Not to mention the cost of the information that can be stolen, which can cause a major failure in the company. For this reason, it is recommended to implement a custom-designed security system, since, with one of these, preventive maintenance costs are much lower.

Cybercrime is on the rise:

The theft of information and data has become a common practice in recent times, and given such a latent fact, if adequate protection plans are not established, the consequences could be quite serious.

Sale of corporate information on trend

This fact is among the most recurrent crimes and with greater corporate implication since its general objective is to destroy the business structures of a company. It is an extremely important issue because this information is the characterization of the company and to risk it would be disastrous.

A strategy forges a security culture

Being proactive and not reactive to a security strategy will strengthen the internal and external structures and processes of a company so that by being prepared for a possible eventuality, it will be better predisposed to combat it.

In addition, constant optimization will create an organizational culture based on cybersecurity, which is a priority for the companies of the future.

The greater the security, the greater the reputation

It is clear that your security levels are directly proportional to your reputation, so if you neglect it, you will understand what consequences you may face.

Studies show that users trust companies that constantly highlight their security practices more, so these companies must make it clear that data and information protection is their top priority.

Corporate security budgets are growing all the time!

The firm Gartner projects that by the close of 2021, there will be $150.4 billion in global spending on information security and risk management technology and services, up 12.4% over 2020.

So it is interesting to understand that if there is so much budget coming from the largest companies in the world, the least that SMEs and entrepreneurs could do would be not to be left behind in this aspect.

Now is the time to implement digital security systems on our platforms, so if you are interested in optimizing your digital channels, Axiacore can help you with your requirements here:

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