7 reasons why you need a Risk Control System in your digital platform

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In recent years, and with the development of digital technology, both users and organizations have been forced to think about cybersecurity solutions to avoid being victims of scams, data theft, or money theft that may represent the end of their assets.

With the increase in cybersecurity breaches caused by the mandatory technological migration of thousands of companies as a result of the pandemic, specialists in this field have been dedicated to training or strengthening the systems of these companies, as it is a priority issue for the operation of the same.

For that reason, today at Axiacore we share with you 7 reasons why you need to implement risk control in your company's digital platform:

Achieve a higher level of protection of your information.

If an organization includes in its budget investment in cybersecurity, it will be able to guarantee the possibility of reacting in case of an attack and thus maintain the integrity of its information at all times.
This investment should include antivirus, antispam, protection against data leaks, firewalls, encrypted connections, etc. all to achieve a higher level of protection.

You will be able to detect possible vulnerability alerts

Thanks to cybersecurity, the probability of suffering attacks are minimized. This is possible through the implementation of controls, which will help to decrease the possibility of being impacted and the consequences that an attack could generate.

Preparedness is inversely proportional to the possibility of being attacked.

There are people that with the development of technology today, on the Internet there are no risks, but they have not considered with the system optimizations, cybercriminals also work hard to vulnerate these systems.

The current priority must be to generate serious awareness of these risks and effectively train people to combat and be prepared for these cyber-attacks.

SMEs are more vulnerable than large companies

There is such a big difference between a multinational company and an SME when it comes to receiving a cyberattack that if the latter is breached, the consequence will be the closure of operations.

According to experts, the sectors most affected by these cyber-attacks are "public administration, the industrial business sector and the health sector", which are made up of a large number of citizens who are not digital natives and who before the pandemic did not use "digital technology" to perform their jobs.

The trend of investment in cybersecurity will continue to grow gradually

By 2022, most organizations plan to increase their investment in cybersecurity.

This will represent an increase compared to the 2021 figure of about 15% and gives a reason that just as companies have prepared for a digital scenario, criminals have also gained more knowledge about system breaches and strategies for scams and corporate data theft.

So thinking about technological and digital security investment is a high priority for the current and future of the global market.

In Latin America, there were more than 91 billion attempted cyber-attacks in the first half of the year.

Due to this accelerated increase, investments in digital security are increasing. According to Kaspersky's report "Adjusting investment: aligning IT budgets with security priorities ": "The IT budget dedicated to security continues to grow year on year in the countries of the region: from 114,000 dollars in 2019 to 250,000 dollars in 2020 for Latin American SMEs, and from 13 million dollars in 2019 to 20 million dollars in 2020 for large companies" and by 2021 these figures have only continued to increase.

Companies that do not invest in security will disappear.

This statement was published by The Economist in which it was also mentioned that "The traditional enterprise came to an end in 2020. All that remains is to wait for its final demise. With limited resources, companies require more certainty and better investments. A technological company, new and fresh today, can unseat one that has been doing the same thing for the last 50 years. As the dark kitchen model has grown, many services will copy the model".

Technological security investment is the way forward and should be the greatest concern of present and future companies. To avoid mishaps with customers, business operations, or processes, Axiacore recommends you have a platform with risk control.

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