Beware of the internet

María Lucía Villegas

María Lucía Villegas


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It’s no secret that having access to the internet has changed our realities and shaped humanity’s path. We now have an easy access to all kinds of information, and not only are we capable of spreading news at an amazing speed throughout the internet but are also able to receive any kind of information - or misinformation… but who’s checking?

It’s becoming a little scary what the masses of the internet can achieve, only by unionizing and a little relatability, social media can decide if someone’s cancelled or not. But I’m not here to talk about cancel culture (at least not today) as it’s something much more complex, but about what I think is one of the biggest internet phenomenons going on out there: social media as a power force in financial markets, valuation or company success.

And I say it’s scary because I bet nobody predicted how global internet users would become a company’s biggest stakeholders, and not only marketing-wise. Just last year, one single fake tweet could make you drop $8 billion dollars in stock, as Eli Lilly Pharma can tell that story, and yet, we don’t even know what the actual limit of the internet is.

Or the latest victim, Casio’s stock market rate drastically dropped following Pique announcing his partnership with them, after Shakira’s latest song going viral. So it’s undeniable that viralization and social media count as a legit force to either make you the next sensation or bankrupt.

That’s why you should beware of the internet, because in a matter of hours, if not prepared, it can take you down.

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