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Pablo Josué Martínez

Pablo Josué Martínez

Aug 20, 2021

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According to the National Planning Department, in Colombia, more than 97,000 laws have been produced that affect the interest of the productive sectors in recent years. Also, out of the 100% of the bills filed in Congress, only 0.1% become the law of the Republic.

Faced with these processes, which can become slow and, due to their volume, difficult to follow, Orza created the SONAR platform together with Axiacore. It is the first tool that analyzes regulatory issues in Colombia and guides managers, entrepreneurs, and companies in making more accurate decisions. Now, they can be informed about the regulatory production in the executive branch and understand what is happening in Congress.

This platform has a guidance and navigation system, thanks to its custom software. Thus, the tool offers two substantial services: Legislative SONAR -which works through a mathematical formula and predicts the probability that a bill will pass through each stage of the congressional process- and Regulatory Alerts SONAR -which, through a search algorithm, crawls hundreds of web pages, from which it extracts only information that each client needs.

SONAR has another integrated functionality: The SILLA DATOS, which, with the support of La Silla Vacía, functions as a qualitative element that provides profiles of some of the congressmen, with their respective political alliances and rivalries.

It is also an element that allows us to understand the power and relationship networks of the political class in Colombia. The digital tool additionally provides the opportunity to consult the bills, acts, and laws by categories or topics and select the favorite initiatives or those of greater interest to companies.

On the other hand, using the web scraping process, this system visits daily the websites of national, departmental, and local government entities to extract only relevant information. Once it finds new regulations, it drags them to a digital file and emits an alert to the subscriber about the regulatory processes of interest.

"The platform can be used by any company, regardless of its industry or size and with it. Any businessman, entrepreneur or company, will be able to navigate correctly in the large regulatory production of Colombia and use administrative acts in their favor," said Gonzalo Araújo, partner and founder of Orza.

According to Axiacore, the technology partner behind this digital platform, the AX3 framework made the project possible. With this methodology, they have successfully implemented hundreds of digital projects in American companies. Accompanying the entire product life cycle, the technology company went through a phase of business strategy, digital design, and software engineering and built the platform in just three months.

"As digital strategists of this great project, we wanted the tool to be intuitive and respond in the fastest and most efficient way to the needs of our partner Orza's clients. It is important to note that it is a unique tool of its kind, with which it is possible to reduce paperwork and time in obtaining information that any company could require within their processes," added Camilo Nova, CEO of Axiacore.

However, a digital project does not end only when it is launch onto the market. The product would have to be steadily monitored based on the data provided by users to optimize their experience. Likewise, constant updates and vulnerability tests allow this type of innovation to anticipate any possible cyber-attack.

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