What are the benefits and advantages of having e-commerce?

Patricia Durán López

Patricia Durán López


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There have been countless times that people have spoken about the growth of e-commerce, especially with the pandemic that forced us to keep our distance and look for remote channels to access products and services; but really, this factor was only an accelerator, purchases online stores were destined to be a fundamental part in the constantly changing behavior of the consumer. 

The digital shopping trend has been positive for several years, and 2020 was decisive for companies to invest in their digital transformation for different reasons: increase sales, stay afloat or facilitate the experience for their consumer.

Now, if talking about the trend is not enough reason to create or invest in improving your web platform, let's talk about money. Latin America had a 36.7% growth in its sales in retail e-commerce, and according to projections, by the end of 2022 about 5.4 trillion dollars will have been generated worldwide through this channel.

These are some of the advantages of having an online sales channel:

  • Direct contact with the consumer:
It is the opportunity to generate loyalty with customers since not all companies offer a good online sales experience, there are even many that do not yet have a digital presence. The ease, speed, and possibility of a 24/7 purchase are valued by the consumer.

  • Lower costs:

An online store requires investments, but if it is compared with the expenses of physical stores, it sure is a good argument to have one.

  • Greater reach:

It is always available, in addition, there are risk control alternatives such as those offered by Axiacore for its clients when creating customized digital platforms, thus guaranteeing excellent operation.

  • Marketing Opportunities:

It opens up possibilities to create online marketing strategies and campaigns, such as guidelines, inbound marketing, among others, segmented and with a greater reach

  • It is the future:

As the consumer evolves along with technological innovation, many consider the online presence and reputation of brands as a key factor in the purchase decision

  • Your competition is now online:

And if it isn't, they will be soon there. Evolving digitally is not even an aspect only of companies, it is a requirement or need of the user; fortunately, we still have time to enter the network and build communities there, a satisfied and lasting community.

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