What will be the professions of the future?

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In recent months, technology has had the possibility of directly influencing the daily life of mankind, becoming the most widely used alternative to go in search of economic recovery. It is showed in sectors like health, education, and the workplace. The last one is where it has had a profound influence on the world's business structures.

With this influence in mind, at the end of 2020, the World Economic Forum (WEF) published a report called "The Future of job" in which it set out what the most in-demand jobs will be in the next five years globally.

The report also concludes that robotization processes will generate some 97 million new jobs. Although, automation will displace 85 million jobs in 15 industries and 26 economies that exist in the market today.

These are the jobs of tomorrow!

The Economic Forum predicts that as the economy evolves, millions of new jobs will be created, in areas such as "the care economy, technology industries, engineering and in content creation fields."

In contrast, the areas that will be most affected by new automation technologies will be "those related to data processing, administrative tasks, and routine manual work."

However, it is necessary to clarify that not all professions that will have more opportunities in the future will be possible by technology. According to data from the U.S. Department of Labor, the best-paid jobs in the future will be the following and will have annual salaries of between $103.000 and $134.000:

  • Software developers and analysts.
  • Registered nurses.
  • General and operations managers.
  • Chief financial officers
  • Medical and health services supervisors.

How should companies prepare for the workforce of the future?

According to the WEF, the most competitive companies will be centered on training their current workers due to the needs that arise in the market.

It is relevant to keep in mind because certain positions will be at risk. Like those related to accounting and administrative support functions, as they will become more technological, decreasing the demand for their professionals. Meanwhile, jobs based on automation and digitalization will continue to increase.

And the issue is so necessary to analyze that the report warns that in countries where communities will be most at risk of job disruption, "support from businesses and governments" will be needed to prevent those manual jobs from disappearing along with the work opportunities of the people who perform them. For this reason, training is essential in all possible areas.

A present with a tech focus!

And we did not want to be left wanting to share with you some of the jobs that will be 100% focused on technology and that will be part of the present and future of the labor field worldwide, so below we share with you this top 15:

  1.  Software developers: They will be relevant in the future market due to they make possible the digitization of organizations. Mainly in the current business world.

  2. Customer Success Manager/Analyst: Their function is to ensure that the customer has all the necessary attention and advice during the acquisition of a product or service and in the post-sales stage. It is already common to find them in e-commerce companies and other platforms that seek a positive user experience.

  3. Digital marketing professional: Although marketing is already a well-known profession, it is becoming increasingly high in the online environment, which will allow consolidating a career addressed to the Internet world. 

  4. Big Data Analyst: This professional analyzes all the information from systems hosted in the digital world to influence a business/company. His approach is called Data Science.

  5. Community Manager: It is responsible for dealing with consumers and the digital community around a business to collect opinions to improve the business and company's position with these people. Some businesses already have professionals focused on this function, as they are the ones who guarantee a culture around the company, creating fans of the brand.

  6. Cyber surveillance: Professionals who ensure that all the digital information of a given company or institution doesn't turn damaged. They not only verify that the data is protected but also help to create new cybersecurity solutions.

  7. 3D architect and engineer: The future of engineering, architecture, and urban planning will be about 3D modeling, so professionals must specialize in this field to deliver an increasingly real experience to their clients.

  8. Wearable devices developer: They will be in charge of creating "wearable" technological products such as glasses, lenses, watches, and other equipment that can improve people's lives.

  9. Knowledge and innovation manager: This is responsible for rethinking a company's strategies, either in its core business or for a specific area, to improve its business model based on innovation and knowledge management.

  10. Ecommerce specialist: E-commerce is already a frequent business model in people's lives. However, with so many virtual stores competing on the Internet, it is necessary to stand out more and more to attract and keep customers. Therefore, the professional e-commerce specialist still has a long life guaranteed.

  11. Expert in learning analytics: With the expansion of distance education and online courses, there is a need for a professional who works in the measurement, collection, and analysis of data captured from the student's experience with these platforms.

    This information will help companies to understand the demands of users and their difficulties. It is finding ways to optimize various points such as topics, quality of teachers. Besides, adjusting teaching and learning methodologies.

  12. Quantum machine learning analyst: This will be one of the best work innovations of the future. The machine learning professional will be in charge of researching and developing solutions. The objective is to increase the speed and performance of the algorithms.

  13. UX Designer: He is e in charge of optimizing various factors and elements that facilitate the user experience of a digital product, whether it is a web platform or an app. That ensures that the user is satisfied with the interaction with a digital product so that it is functional and generates an effective conversion.

  14. Trafficker and digital broker:  It is the person who is in charge of the creation and management of digital advertising campaigns and plays a fundamental role in any business. With the changes and market optimizations, their work will be transcendental not only in the digital marketing teams of the future but also in the commercial teams due to their work in the customer and leads achievement.

  15. Cloud managers: As we change the focus of document managers, who were in charge of organizing paperwork and information, and take them to the digital world. This cloud manager will fulfill a similar task only it will have to distribute in the same way but the cloud.


As technology continues being optimized so fast, according to Saadia Zahidi, Director General of the WEF "businesses, governments and workers must plan to work together urgently to implement a new vision for the global workforce."

It is relevant to adapt the new paradigms to doesn't become obsolete, and this is not only an obligation of professionals but also of companies.

By now, the most relevant point is to keep in mind that the business approach is into the digital scenario, and the professional must stand to train and excel, regardless of the work area to which it belongs.

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